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Towa is the protagonist of Nitro Chiral's 2021 boys love visual novel; Slow Damage. Towa is a directionless, degenerate artist living out his days in the yakuza controlled ward of Shinkoumi. He spends his days wallowing in apathy and his nights seeking out the darkest desires of the deranged residents of Shinkoumi to fuel his artistic endeavors.

But there is more to Towa than just his surface level degeneracy and singular passion for oil painting. He is a man who has been broken, shaped and re-formed by his surroundings into who he is now.

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Font: Playfair Display [Link], Domine [Link]
Background & assets: Flower&Clover [Link]
Artwork: Uiro Yamada & Nitro Chiral [Link]
Slow Damage is property of Nitro Chiral. Works are used without permission, but without the intent to infringe.